Say goodbye to pain meds and hello to Pixie Relief

Pixie Relief uses TENS technology to instantly soothe period pain.

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Pixie Cramp Relief

Pixie Cramp Relief


$139.95 $99.95

Pixie Menstrual Cup - Replacement Gel Pads

Replacement Gel Pads



Pixie Menstrual Cup - PMS Pain Relief Supplement

PMS Pain Relief Supplement



“It’s simple to use and comes with a complete instruction guide that is very simple to follow. This product is A+++++. I love it!”

— Pixie Cup Customer

Customer Reviews

Hana K

This device did wonders for me! I usually take a couple of pills so I get few hrs of peaceful sleep.. but with this I didnt need the pills. Im really impressed with this tens unit for actually delivering what it promised.

Kristen J

This device is extraordinary! It really delivers on what it promises: a pain-free period. Seriously, you have to get it. It’s worth every penny knowing that I can go about my day without having to pop pain pills.

Momma B

Daughter #2 has a lot of pain with her period. Anyway, I thought we’d give this a try and so far, so good. She says it helps enough that she can rest through the night. Just knowing this helps alleviate her pain is enough for me to say it’s worth the cost.