100% Happiness Guaranteed

Pixie Cup guarantee

Your happiness is our priority!

We like to keep it simple. If you aren’t totally happy with our products, email us at info@pixiecup.com and we’ll do our absolute best to fix the issue!


For returns, damaged products, missing orders, or any issues relating to a purchased order, always include your 4 digit order ID number.

Pixie Cups

If you have issues with our Pixie Cup, please contact us. We will troubleshoot with you to find a cup that will work better for your lifestyle and will send it free of charge! If the cup does not work for you and you prefer a refund, please let us know the reason why and we will issue a refund. (We may ask you to return the product if necessary.)

Steamers or UV Sterilizer

Our Steamers and UV Sterilizers have a 2 year warranty. If your Pixie Steamer/Sterilizer breaks down or malfunctions within those 2 years, or if you receive a defective product, we will send you a replacement. Our 100% happiness guarantee does not apply to our Steamer or UV Sterilizer after the 2-year mark. (We may ask you to return the product if necessary.)

Other Products

If for any reason you have an issue with another product, we will either refund you or send you a replacement free of charge! (We may ask you to return the product if necessary.)

How to Return your Product

Please contact us at info@pixiecup.com, explain the reason for the return, and we will send you a return label. You must return the product within 7 days of receiving the return label. Once the product is shipped and we have received it, your refund will be issued. We cover the cost of returns.

How to Cancel an Order

If you decide to cancel your order, please email us at info@pixiecup.com. Canceling your order is time sensitive and we may not be able to cancel your order before it ships. In this case, we will ask you to return the product and will issue you a refund once we have received the item.

Damaged Products

If your product was damaged during shipping or has a manufacturer defect, please send us a picture or video of the damaged product and we will send you a replacement. If your product was damaged after use, we will not send a replacement (does NOT apply to our menstrual cups).